Tours to Yoshkar-Ola

Hello, Yoshkar-Ola (city tour of Yoshakar-Ola, 2 hours)

If you happen to be in Yoshkar-Ola just for a short period of time and you want to get acquainted with the city we recommend you to take a city tour of Yoshkar-Ola. It lasts only two hours and accompanied by a professional guide who will show you the most interesting places and tell the most amusing facts about them.

Hello, Yoshkar-Ola

If you found yourself in Yoshkar-Ola, the city tour will be a good possibility to get to know the city. Parks and alleys, squares and monuments will spread in front of you. And together with them historical facts will revive.

Youll see the city from two sides: old one with small houses, quiet alleys and a new one recently built, with squares and modern well-developed embankment.

The city tour route starts with Obolentskiy-Nogotkov Square where, on the building of the National Art Gallery, you can see the most famous Yoshkar-Ola attraction the donkey clock.

Not far from that place, there is an unspoken symbol of the city sculptural composition Yoshkin Kot. After walking along Chavain boulevard, youll find yourself on the Archangelic Quarter with the Annunciation Tower which is almost the exact replica of the Spasskaya Clock Tower in Moscow! Here you can find a corner of quietness and calmness the Italian park with the monument to Signor Lorenzo Medici. A little later you will come to the wonderful new embankment which is a great photo opportunity!

Yoshkar-Ola at night

Yoshkar-Ola at night will give you a long lasting impression. At this excursion you will have a unique opportunity to admire the cathedrals and churches, architectural monuments, streets and squares decorated by the night lights.

Brugge embankment will carry you away with its evening light, you will see architectural complex 12 apostles with animation figures appearing every three hours, the Republican Puppet Theatre resembling a mideval castle. You can walk along the embankment to the Achangelic Quarter with an Annunciation Tower and listen to the chime of bells.

The night excursion will end at the Amsterdam embankment where you can see sculptural compositions and monuments to famous men of art.