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Things good to know when you come to Russia and Mari El republic

Here you can find some information you should keep in mind when you come to a foreign country like Russia.

Useful phone numbers:

Committee for Tourism of Mari El republic:
Address: 1, Amsterdam embankment, 424006, Yoshkar-Ola Mari El Republic Russia
Tel.: 8(8362)450-100, fax: 8(8362)450-100
E-mail: mari-tourism@mail.ru

Purtov Andrey Petrovich
Chairman of the Committee for Tourism of Mari El republic

Talalaev Maksim Valeryevich
Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Tourism of Mari El republic, Head of the development of tourist infrastructure.

Leontyeva Olga Vladimirovna
Head of the organization and coordination of tourist infrastructure

Rumshina Iraida Victorovna
Head of the financial and legal department

Federal Agency for Tourism
Site: http://www.russiatourism.ru/en/

  • for legal issues: 8(495)607-3511
  • for issues regarding security threat for tourists in the countries of temporary residence 8(495)607-7771
  • registration for personal meeting 8(495)607-7680 (Wednesday, from 10.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m.)

Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor)
site: http://www.rospotrebnadzor.ru/en/

Hot line: 8-800-100-0004

Russian union of the tourist industry
site: http://www.rustourunion.ru/

Tel.: 8(495)961-13-70/71

Fax: 8(495)692-27-59

E-mail: rata@rata.ru

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
site: http://www.mid.ru/bdomp/brp_4.nsf/main_eng

Help phones:
MFA of Russia: 8(499)244-1606
Consular department of the MFA of Russia: 8(499)244-4581

Receiving office of the MFA of Russia
Manager of the reception: 8(499)244-2283
Chancellery: 8(499)244-1283 (information only on written resorts of the citizens)
Fax: 8(499)244-3448

Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia)
site: http://www.favt.ru/

Tel.: 8(499)231-5009
Telefax: 8(499)231-56-56, 231-55-35

E-mail: rusavia@scaa.ru

Association of tour operators of Russia
site: http://www.atorus.ru/en/

Tel.: 8(495)660-0714

E-mail: ator@atorus.ru

Emergency services phone numbers:
911 universal phone number at any situation posing threat for life, health or property of the tourist
01 fire department and rescue services
02 police
03 ambulance
112 calling for rescue services from the mobile phone (the dispatcher speaks Russian and English languages)


Features of stay

  • The most probable time duration of traffic jam in the city is from 07.30 to 09.00 a.m. and from 05.00 p.m. to 07.00 p.m.
  • You should use private taxi drivers services cautiously. Their health and the technical conditions of their cars are not under control. Its safer to use the official city taxi services.
  • If you take a taxi to get the airport remember that you should be there beforehand, usually about 2 hours before your flight.
  • As a rule, you are expected to tip 5 10% of the total bill in restaurants.
  • Women have to cover their heads and to wear clothes covering shoulders and laps while visiting churches and the convents. Trousers, shorts and t-shirts are not allowed while visiting churches.
  • Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and multifunctional for excursions.
  • As a rule, you should buy an additional ticket to have a right to make a photo at museums.
  • Follow the travel guides to learn the information about weekends in museums.

Legislative restrictions
In the Russian Federation criminal liability for storage and transportation of drugs is provided (including the drugs produced of hemp and also some smoking mixes). The punishment for drugs storage can become a durable imprisonment.
FORBIDDEN: driving any vehicle after having drunk alcohol in any quantity and also taking any alcohol drinks while driving; smoking in any public places (places for smoking are usually noted by special signs, also it is allowed smoke in some bars and restaurants); taking any alcohol drinks in public places; making photos of military and strategic objects. A tourist can be put an administrative penalty on because of the violation of the specified instructions.

Security measures Be wide-awake in crowded places including the sightseeing objects. It is necessary to pay attention to the safety of your passports and money. Keep your money and documents in the internal pockets of your clothes. Dont leave it in bags or transparent folders. Dont carry a lot of money. If you make a payment, try not to show all your money that you have with yourself to people nearby. It is recommended to change money only in bank offices. You shouldnt take food, drinks and different services offers from unknown people.
If there are some conflicts and emergence situations we recommend you to contact immediately the representatives of the consulate of your country in the Russian Federation. Also, you can call the phones specified in this instruction.

General information:
Make sure that you read these precautions carefully and try to observe them and it will allow you to considerably reduce the risk of arising problematic situations during your stay in Russia.
The legislation, traditions and norms of behavior in the Russian Federation can differ much from the legislation, traditions and norms of behavior adopted in your country.

Rules of entry into the Russian Federation:
According to the Federal law On the procedure of entry and exit from the Russian Federation foreign citizens must submit a valid identity document, accepted as such by the Russian Federation, and a visa, if no other order of entry into the Russian Federation is established by the real Federal law, the international agreements of the Russian Federation and the decrees of the President of the Russian Federation. The rules of exit from and entry to the Russian Federation depend on the agreements between the Government of the Russian Federation and other countries which are constantly changing. You can take the fullest and more reliable information in the consular departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and in the embassies of the Russian Federation in your countries.
According to the purpose of the entry to the Russian Federation and the purpose of staying a foreign citizen receives a visa, which can be diplomatic, business, ordinary, transit, temporary resident visa. Exit from the Russian Federation after the expiration of visa can bring to the penalty and the refoulement at the external borders.
A foreign or a stateless person must fill a migration card entering the Russian Federation (Art. 25.9 of the Federal Law of 15.08.1990 No 114-F3 On the procedure of entry and exit from the Russian Federation). .
A migration card consists of two parts (A and B). Both parts should be filled in Russian or using Latin letters (if a foreign person doesnt speak Russian) and signed. When passing the border control part A of a migration card remains at border guard, and part B with a mark of a border office with the date of the crossing of the Russian border returns to the tourist. The tourist must keep part B of the migration card during all period of his stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. When leaving Russia he must give it back to a border guard (art.12 of the Rules of use of the migration card).

Rules of registration of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation:
Since January 2007 in the Russian Federation the migration registration of foreign tourists in the places of stay is brought in.
The procedure provides the notification of the Federal Migration Service (FMS). It must be effected during 7 days after the entry of a foreign citizen into the Russian Federation. tourist must submit only his identity document and a migration card, which is filled while entering Russia. All the procedures for statement on the migratory registration are carried out by a host (for example, hotel or travel company). According to the submitted documents a special blank of an entry notification must be filled and sent to FMS for registration. After that a tourist receives a detachable part of a notification. Such notification (with the corresponding mark of FMS) confirms the statement on the migratory registration. A tourist should keep it up to his departure from Russia. The registration of children under 18 years old entering the Russian Federation with their parents or with one of them is carried out contemporaneously with the registration of their parents (parent).
The administration of a hotel or any other organization, rendering hotel services must send the information about the date of the entering and the dates of the residence of a foreign tourist in this organization to the territorial agency of the federal executive authority responsible for the matters of the internal affairs for a following delivery of this information to the central data bank. This information should be sent on the day of the entering of a foreign tourist. And the information about the date of his departure should be sent to the territorial agency of the federal executive authority in the day of his departure.

Restrictions on the import and export of cash and certain types of goods
A foreign citizen has a right to import cash in the amount of not more than $ 10,000 (or its equivalent) into Russia and export cash in the amount of not more than $ 3,000 without a custom declaration from Russia. One must fill a custom declaration in cases of export of cash in the amount of more than $ 3,000 and less than $ 10,000. In cases cash exceeds the equivalent of more than $ 10, 000 and was previously imported, the customs import declaration and the supporting documents from a bank or other financial institution, referred to above, must be produced to customs as the ground for exportation. It is necessary to specify the rules of the import of high-technology equipment and medicaments to the territory of the Russian Federation. A customs inspector may require an admittance of the Culture Ministry of Russia for the export of objects of art and relics.

Renting a car
The documents required for renting a car in Russia are a passport, visa and a valid driving license that shows at least 3 years of driving experience. The minimum age of the renter is 21 years old. The price of renting verifies between 1000 and 3000 rubles per day and depends on a car model.

How to connect
Calling code of Russia is 007; calling code of Mari El Republic and Yoshkar-Ola is 8362. To make a call you can use a public pay telephone or make it from the post office.
The main mobile operators in Mari El are: MTS, Bee Line, Megaphone, Eline. You can buy a sim-card in any mobile shop. It is necessary to submit a passport there.

  1. Airport Yoshkar-Ola
  2. The information about working hours and destination cities can be found on the site of the Yoshkar-Ola airport: http://www.airola.ru. You may get the information about aircraft movement in the help desk of the airport by telephone number: 8(8362)53-51-67.
    Address: Airport township, Medvedevskiy region, Mari El Republic (7km from Yoshkar-Ola). When boarding a flight, passengers of international flights pass a customs control, a border control, a passport control. After safety monitoring passengers pass to the clean area a terminal area hold.
    If you convey animals or plants, you must pass phito and veterinary checks.
    You may check the place of a plane in the air space in any time on this site: http://www.flightradar24.com/
  3. The railway station of Yoshkar-Ola is situated at address: 3 Yanalova street, Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic.
  4. Information phone: 8(8362)45-18-65. Rail travel rules depend on the Rules for the organization of the passenger transportation on the railway transport.
    United national Russian Railway referral service: 8 800 775 0000
    Site of the Russian Railways: http://eng.rzd.ru/
  5. The bus terminal is situated in 19, Kokshayskiy pass, Yoshkar-Ola
  6. Help desk phone number: 8 (8362)45-03-05
    Dispatcher: 8(8362)45-12-73
  7. Auto
  8. A car is the most comfortable way of travel. You can create a route from your city to Yoshkar-Ola taking into account fuel cost and distance between two points of destination on this site http://www.avtodispetcher.ru/distance