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10 best ideas for souvenirs from Russia

What to bring from Russia to your relatives and friends? Here you can find some advice.

  1. Nesting dolls (matryoshkas).
    A wooden colored toy in the shape of a nesting doll inside of which the same toys but smaller in size, are hidden (beginning with three and up to many). Its a traditional way to remember Russia by. Its a present or souvenir that is considered to be a symbol of Russia in Europe and other countries of the world.

    Nesting dolls (matryoshkas)

  2. Pavlovo-Posad kerchiefs.
    Those shawls could be a perfect present for your female friend or relative, or yourself. They can be made of different fabric (wool, silk, cotton) and have different patterns and colors. Plus, they come in different sizes, from small to large. Today they are in trend in Russia again like many years ago.

    Pavlovo-Posad kerchiefs

  3. Lacquer boxes.
    Russian lacquer boxes are traditionally made of paper-mache, they are dried, and after that many layers of lacquer are applied, the last layer (inner one) is traditionally red. On the surfaces of these boxes different scenes of traditional Russian life style are depicted. There are four main schools of such craft and the scene themes are also different: it can be fairytales plots or nature. The real lacquer boxes should contain the signature of the author on the surface.

    Lacquer boxes

  4. Valenki.
    Its a traditional Russian footwear made of sheeps wool for winter. Usually it doesnt have a rubber sole or any sole, so if you want to wear them in the city you should cover them with kaloshy rubber cover for valenki. Of course, Russians nowadays dont wear them all the time but it can be a nice present from Russia.


  5. Khokhloma.
    Khokhloma is a traditional Russian painting school on wooden articles, like plates, spoons, cups, trays and so on. It traditionally has only three colors: red, black and golden. Its very popular among foreign tourists because it looks nice and not expensive.


  6. Gzhel.
    Its another way of Russian beautiful painting pattern but the color is only one it is blue. And the articles are always made of porcelain which is white.


  7. A fur hat.
    If you want to be a real tourist you will have to buy a fur hat with ear flaps, that is ushanka. Back home it will be a hit among your friends and youll certainly be the coolest one! They can be of different styles: traditional, Soviet, for men or women, even glamourous to any taste!

    A Fur hat

  8. Caviar.
    Prices to one and the same product in Russia and abroad can differ a lot and, of course, no foreigner can leave Russia without a can of red salmon caviar. Its not very expensive, it can cost you about 10 or 15 dollars but one thing you should remember is that the region of production should be Sakhalin or Kamchatka.


  9. Vodka.
    Well, another symbol of Russia, besides matryoshka doll, is vodka, of course. The best brands are considered to be Russkiy Standart, Ladoga, Beluga or Berezka. But there are many other brands, and even bottles designed specially for tourists, like the one inside the matryoshka doll!


  10. Honey.
    Honey is also very popular among tourists. Especially the one brought from Siberia. Its full of minerals good for health and is very tasty!